Event Privacy and Link Sharing

In fotoShare Cloud you will see all your events from both dslrBooth or LumaBooth.

So long as there is internet access, events will upload to fotoShare cloud in real time or after the event once internet access is available and the app is running. Logging into fotoShare cloud you will be able to see all photos and videos from the event. Both sessions and full events can be deleted at anytime from the cloud. 

Privacy Settings

Clicking on an event you will see privacy settings on the left panel. You have three settings you can change:

  • Link sharing - Lets anyone with the event link see this album. 
  • Guest access - Allow guests to also see other guest's images/videos as well as their own.
  • Download all - Allows viewer to download entire album.

Link Sharing

To get the url of the album to share with the event owner or anyone else, login to your fotoshare Cloud account, Events, click on your event, then click on Link in the top right menu you'll get a link to the event.  

You can give this link to the event organizer so only they can see all photos and videos from their event. You can also turn off link sharing to stop sharing using this link (Settings, uncheck Link sharing, Confirm). Each time you turn on Link sharing, a new link will be generated.

Guest Access

By default guest access is turned on, allowing guests to see all photos and videos in that event.

If you are worried about privacy and do not want guests to see other photos from the same event, you can turn off Guest Access. Events with Guest Access turned off will not show up on your homepage (if you have one). Also, when you share any photos/videos, only the shared photo will display and they will not see any other photos/videos from the same event. You can turn off Guest Access per event on your event's settings page on your fotoShare account, Click on your Event, turn off Guest Access by unchecking it . 

Default for Future Events

You can turn off the default value for future events under fotoShare Cloud Settings, turn off Default Guest Access by unchecking it. This sets the default for new events and can be manually over-ridden per event if you go to the Event then turn on Guest Access.

Password Protection

If you would like to make the album for your event available only to guests that attended the event, you can add a password to the album. Only guests with the password will be able to see the photos. To set the password for an event, go to your fotoShare account, Click on your Event, Password, enter password then Save


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