Using GoPro with dslrBooth to record videos and 360 footage

How-to connect your GoPro

Make sure you're using a supported GoPro camera and computer.

  • Connect to your normal Wi-Fi network that has internet access if available.
  • Open dslrBooth for Windows v6.41 or later.
  • Go to camera dropdown, select Add New GoPro.
  • Turn on your GoPro.
  • Open the camera’s dropdown menu. Swap right and select Connections > Connected Device > Quik App. Need help? See How-to put your GoPro in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Choose your GoPro from the list showing nearby GoPros. Once your camera is successfully connected, the next time you need to connect the same GoPro, simply choose it from the camera dropdown.
  • Follow the instructions in dslrBooth. 
  • Having issues? See these tips for troubleshooting and getting performance and reliability from your GoPro.



GoPro Camera

We highly recommend the GoPro 11. If not available, the GoPro 10 with the latest firmware update. We have found older GoPro models to have random Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

dslrBooth supports GoPro 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 for recording video and 360 footage.  dslrBooth will connect wirelessly to your camera over Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi. 

Bluetooth Adapter

Almost all laptops and tablets will have the required Bluetooth adapter built-in but if you wish to use a GoPro with a desktop computer or an older laptop, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth Low Energy adapter.

Wi-Fi Adapters

Almost all laptops will have a WiFi adapter. This is needed to download files from your GoPro and share your processed videos over the internet. Computer must have a recent and good quality WiFi adapter. We highly recommend using two WiFi adapters for a more reliable and faster connection.

GoPro Connection Tips

  • If you use multiple GoPros or run dslrBooth on multiple machines at the same event, make sure each GoPro is only paired to one computer. If you need to unpair the GoPro from a computer, you can do so under Windows Control Panel, Devices, Remove.

Troubleshoot GoPro Issues

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    wesley niles

    can i get live view with a go pro


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    There is no live view with the GoPro.

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    Bianca Victoria Angelica

    Can I use DJI osmo action 4 instead of go pro?

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