Printing with LumaBooth

In LumaBooth's Printing Settings, you have several options:

  • Print directly to AirPrint printers such as Epson Picturemate.
  • Print to classic printers such as ink jets or professional dye sublimation printers from DNP or Mitsubishi. To use these printers, you'll need to run a helper application called LumaBooth Assistant on your PC or Mac that will connect directly to the printer.
  • Print to DNP Dye Sub printers using their print server called the DNP WPS Pro Wireless Print Server. The DNP printer connects to the WPS Pro using a usb cable. The iPad connects wirelessly to the WPS Pro.
  • 3rd party solutions: Print to print servers that convert a classic printer to appear as an AirPrint printer on the iPad:
    • Airkonv - Supports DNP and Mitsubishi printers.
    • SelfieWizard - Supports many printers including majority of Mitsubishi printers.
    • WCM2 / WCM Plus - Supports DNP printers
    • RaspberryPi - Printers shared over cups.

Unsupported printer: Canon Pixma 100 Pro


Print Limits

You can set the print button to show or hide by setting Display print button.

You can limit the number of prints by event (Max Guest Copies) and/or by session (Max Event Prints). If either of those are reached, the print button will not be show to your guests.

If Print Automatically is selected, every print session will automatically print one copy in the background.



Recommended Printers

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    Anyone using DNP WCM2 Print, does it work well with LumaBooth?

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