Printing with LumaBooth

In LumaBooth's Printing Settings, you have several options:

  • Print directly to AirPrint printers such as Epson Picturemate.
  • Print to classic printers such as ink jets or professional dye sublimation printers from DNP or Mitsubishi. To use these printers, you'll need to run a helper application called LumaBooth Assistant on your PC or Mac that will connect directly to the printer.
  • Print to DNP Dye Sub printers using their print server called the DNP WPS Pro Wireless Print Server. The DNP printer connects to the WPS Pro using a usb cable. The iPad connects wirelessly to the WPS Pro.
  • 3rd party solutions: Print to print servers that convert a classic printer to appear as an AirPrint printer on the iPad:
    • Airkonv - Supports DNP and Mitsubishi printers.
    • SelfieWizard - Supports many printers including majority of Mitsubishi printers.
    • RaspberryPi - Printers shared over cups.

Unsupported printer: Canon Pixma 100 Pro


See Recommended Printers

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