AI Background Removal with dslrBooth

Easily remove and replace backgrounds in photos using our new AI Background Removal feature. This cutting-edge feature utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to seamlessly separate subjects from their original backgrounds, allowing you to replace it with custom digital environments - no green screen required!

We've made it easier than ever to replace photo backgrounds with this new AI Background Removal feature. This advanced technology utilizes a custom-trained AI model to seamlessly remove and replace backgrounds without requiring a special green screen setup.

How It Works

The AI model works by analyzing the input image and precisely detecting the boundaries and shape of the main subject(s). It then separates the subject from the original background using sophisticated machine learning algorithms trained on millions of sample images.

Once isolated, the subject is composited onto the new background image of your choice. This results in a realistic-looking final image with the subject cleanly extracted and placed into the new digital environment.

You can allow guests to select their preferred background image, or set it to automatically cycle through multiple backgrounds. The live view positioning tool lets you preview placements in real-time to achieve perfect results.

Key Benefits

  • No Internet Required: Background removal is done on your computer with no need to pay for an additional service or have an internet connection for processing.
  • No Green Screen Required: Remove backgrounds effortlessly from any photo without a special green screen setup.
  • AI-Powered Accuracy: Get high-quality, precise background removal thanks to the latest AI modeling technology.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Upload your own image files as virtual backgrounds for guests to choose from.
  • Live Positioning: Adjust the background positioning and sizing in real-time before finalizing.
  • Optimized Performance: Works best on systems with a dedicated Nvidia GPU, but also fully compatible with integrated graphics or CPU-only environments.

Enabling AI Background Removal

To start using this new capability:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Background Removal
  2. Select the AI Background Removal option
  3. Upload your desired custom background images

That's it! Your guests can now easily replace backgrounds using the latest AI technology. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Recommendations for Best Results

  • Up to four people next to each other.
  • Keep people close to the the camera
  • Keep people several feet further from the background.
  • Person height is at least half of image height
  • Use a Canon/Nikon camera with a flash to light your guests and cut down the lighting on the background


  • Video sessions are not supported with AI background removal.
  • The use of props is not recommended especially those that are held further away from the body. AI background removal excels at detecting humans so any larger objects such as props can confuse it.

Hardware Requirements

To get the fastest background replacement, we recommend that your hardware meets our hardware requirements. The use of a discrete (dedicated) Graphics Card (GPU) is highly recommended if you will be using this feature.

Try it out

Try AI background removal in the latest version of dslrBooth 7. Update or download a FREE trial.

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