Surveys, Data Collection, and Personalized Prints

Surveys allows you to collect data during the photo booth session by asking guests questions such as: asking for their name, e-mail, favorite superhero, or their feedback.

Creating the Surveys

You can add all kinds of survey questions in the Settings > Survey menu. Be sure to to enable the surveys and then click add question. You can also change the order of the questions by clicking on the 6 dots. After adding your questions, if we you through a session, you can see how the survey question is asked after the guests take their photos and before they see their final print.

If we go to Settings, Survey, we can see a report of all the survey answers.

To look at the responses you need to click the view responses button and then open up the document. As you can see here are the questions we asked.

Customizing Prints with Survey Answers

Another great feature of using surveys is that you can incorporate your guests' answers on the final print. We’ll start by looking at a pre-made example of how this works and then I'll show you how to create it for yourself.

After you created the survey questions as we’ve done earlier you will need to add the answers to your template. Go to the Template Editor, click Add Image Data. Go to options and under data select Survey Answer 1 through 5.

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