Run Slideshow of Prints or Photos

It's easy to run a slideshow of your photo booth photos or prints.
dslrBooth for Windows/Mac has a built-in slideshow feature for displaying your final prints. Click on Slideshow in the top menu when not in full screen. Additionally, you can copy and paste that url to another computer or tablet to play the slideshow on that device. This feature requires an internet connection on the computer running dslrBooth. For this feature to work you'll need Settings, Sharing, Enhanced Sharing to be checked.
If you don't have an internet connection or wish to play a slideshow of the individual photos, you need to run one of the following software on a secondary display or run on another computer.

Next, setup the software to read from dslrBooth’s image directory. You can find the location of your directory by clicking the “Images Directory” link in the main menu. Once you know where your images are, they final step is deciding if you wish to play a slideshow of your prints or original photos. There is a separate folder for each under dslrBooth’s images directory.

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