Add Animated 360/Video Overlays to your LumaBooth 360 Photo Booth Videos

You can make your videos more exciting by adding an animated overlays to your videos. You can choose from several built-in overlays or create your own.

How-to Add Animated Overlays

To add video overlays, go to Settings > Capture Settings > Boomerang/360 > Video Overlays and choose Configure. You can choose from the built-in overlays or create custom ones outside of LumaBooth and import them.


Where to Get Additional Overlays

Our online store has several additional video overlays that you can purchase to add to your videos.

Overlay Color and Opacity

As an industry first, you can change the overlay’s color and opacity directly in LumaBooth in real-time under the Video overlays settings.



Orientation: Landscape, Portrait, or Square

You can create videos in LumaBooth in any orientation: Landscape, Portrait, or Square. The video overlay feature uses your selected orientation that is set under Settings, Capture Settings, Boomerang/360, Orientation.

Horizontal Videos - iPhone/iPad should be horizontal.

Vertical Videos - iPhone/iPad should be rotated vertically.

Square Videos - iPhone/iPad should be horizontal.

The video overlays you select should be in the same orientation as your Orientation setting. The recommended size can be found in the + Add Overlays area.


Creating your own Custom Animated Video Overlays

For users with experience creating motion graphics using apps such as Adobe After Effects, you can create your video with a transparent background, export as a Transparent HEVC .MOV file.

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