Motion Detection to Start Recording

dslrBooth can start a video session when it senses that the tablet that is running dslrBooth has been moved.

To use this function, you will need to record the required movement so dslrBooth can adjust its sensitivity to movement.



Once calibrated, dslrBooth will start a session once a similar movement is initiated. This is very useful for recording 360 video, for when the arm starts moving, dslrBooth will start recording automatically so there is no need to also start a session by pushing the record button on the tablet.


This feature requires that the tablet running dslrBooth have a built-in accelerometer. Almost all tablets running Windows 10 or 11 have this built-in. On the rare chance that you run dslrBooth on a computer that does not have an accelerometer, this feature will be disabled under Settings.

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