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As of December 11th, Instagram has deprecated its API platform and replaced it with a new Instagram API that runs on Facebook. We have received Facebook's approval to use this new API and have made the required changes to support this new API in this latest update. All previous versions of HashPrinter will no longer retrieve photos from Instagram. To continue using Instagram, please update to the latest version.

To retrieve Instagram photos, Facebook (Instagram's owner) now requires all users to have a Facebook page that is connected to their instagram account.

  1. If you don't have a Facebook Page, create one.
  2. Log into Instagram on a web browser and go to Account Settings. On the left side there is an option to Switch To Professional Account. Click this to switch to a professional account (this needs to be done before connecting to the facebook page.
  3. Connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Account. Go to your Facebook Page. On the left hand side, click on Settings. Click on Instagram in the left. Connect an Instagram Professional Account.
  4. Go to HashPrinter and click on Instagram Login in the top left which will require you to login using your Facebook account that has the Facebook page connected to your Instagram Business Account.


If you have trouble logging into Instagram on HashPrinter, you can try to remove HashPrinter's permissions and sign in again:
  1. Go to Facebook > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Business Integrations
  2. Click on Remove next to HashPrinter
  3. Open HashPrinter then click on the Instagram Login button.
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    This program is cumbersome and very hard to set up.  


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    Sorry, Facebook (Instagram) forces users to use these steps.

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