Animated GIFs

Learn how to create animated GIFs, tweak, customize, and share them with dslrBooth.

In this tutorial we will learn how to create gifs in dslrBooth. A gif is a series of images that are combined into one file as a animation. They are a great way to increase your brand awareness and share cool animated images instead of the just static images. As a bonus, most social networks allow you to share GIFs.

Creating Gifs

Creating a GIF in dslrBooth is extremely easy as the software does most of the work for you. All you need to do is go into settings, then Gif, then enable animated Gif. Now let's go through a photo booth session to see exactly how they look and how to share them.


I will use 4 similar photos in the session as it will make the best gif. On the sharing screen I can see my pictures, the template with the 4 photos comes up first and the gif is shown in the bottom left corner. If you click on the gif, it will show you the gif in a larger size and from here you can choose how to share it. Keep in mind sharing the first image will not share the gif. So you will need to share them both or just the GIF. I'll just email it to myself.

Speed and Overlay

Another feature is the ability to control how fast the animation runs. To do this, let’s go to settings, Gif, Then slide the dial to how much time delay you want between pictures. Keep in mind 1000 millisecond equals one second. By lowering the delay, you end up with a faster animation.

You can also add an overlay to your gif. It can be one image that shows up on all the photos in the gif or it can be a separate overlay for each photo. To add overlay images just drag and drop them to the box or click select files and add images that way. Here is how some custom overlays look on my gif.

Boomerang Gif (Windows only)

Capture a 1 second video with slowmo effect which plays forwards then backwards to generate a boomerang GIF. Go to Settings -> Gif and choose the Boomerang option. Start a new session to record the 1 second video. 


Now that you know how to create GIFs in dslrbooth, try it out at your next photo booth and you’re sure to delight guests with this creative feature. GIFs also add that extra flare and encourage your guests to share more of their photos online.

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  • -3
    Johnny Pham

    Can i Share the Gif and also print the pictures? Also, is there an option to switch between GIF and just a regular Photobooth pictures?

  • -2

    is there an option for creating gifs in portrait mode instead of landscape? 

  • 0
    Martin Narvaez

    I'm having issues with my gifs not all but randomly my custom overlay is half or missing. Which causes a horrible gif.

  • 0

    Hey why can not I put a vertical frame to gif?
    The software cuts the frame

  • 0

    hey, why the boomerang has not been flipped like we take a photos?

    please answer, thanks!

  • 0

    Can you make the time of boomerang picture more little longer? Like 2 or 3 second

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    rinaldy ariefyanto

    why the gif file does not appear in the animated folder and the barcode also does not appear on the printed output

  • 2

    It's not real GIF but It's MP4, I dislike MP4

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