Connect GoPro Wireless or Wired to your computer

The latest dslrBooth software for Windows, starting from version 7.45, now supports the GoPro 10, 11, and 12 models. These cameras can be connected to the software using a USB cable.

Use GoPro over Wi-Fi

Consider using the GoPro wirelessly in scenarios where it needs to be mobile, such as on a 360 platform, a robot, or other moving devices. This wireless connection is facilitated through multiple Wi-Fi adapters, which also enable internet access and connectivity to the GoPro.

Use GoPro over USB

On the other hand, a USB connection is recommended in situations where Wi-Fi is unstable or prone to interference or you wish to have the most reliable connection. It is also useful when recording longer video clips as the download will be faster. A significant advantage of the USB connection is that it powers the GoPro, ensuring the battery does not drain during use.

It is important to disable wireless connections in the GoPro settings when using a USB connection. This step is crucial to prevent the GoPro from attempting to connect wirelessly, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted USB connection. Also, make sure that the GoPro is not paired to the computer where dslrBooth is installed. If it is, manually unpair it from Windows Bluetooth settings.

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