Windows Media Player Is Not Turned On

dslrBooth uses Windows Media Player to play GIF, Boomerang and Videos files on the sharing screen. If it is not turned on, the software will not be able to display the videos correctly. Follow the steps below to turn on Windows Media Player. 


Step 1. In the Windows search box type in Turn Windows features on or off and select this.

Turn Windows Features Off.png


Step 2. Scroll down to the Media Features and expand it. Then, uncheck Windows Media Player.

Media Features.jpg

Step 3. Click Yes to continue after seeing a window appear.

Click Yes.jpg

Step 4. Restart your computer.


Step 5. Follow Step 1 again.

Step 6. Expand the Media Features and check Windows Media Player to turn it ON.

Step 7. Click OK to confirm.
Step 8. Your computer system will begin to execute the change. Restart your PC, and Windows Media Player will be installed on your computer.

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