QR Codes

dslrBooth allows easy sharing of images to mobile phones using QR Codes. A QR Codes is a barcode that contains a link to the guests print on our website where they can view it and share it with friends. Smart phones have QR Code Readers that can scan these QR Codes using the camera’s phone. You’ll need to make sure Enhanced Sharing is enabled which allows your photos to be uploaded to our website so a QR code can be generated.

To enable this feature, Please enable under Settings, Sharing, QR Code. Now on the sharing screen, a QR code will appear that can be scanned by your guests.

Adding to Prints

Additionally, you can add these QR codes to your prints to allow your guests to scan a barcode on their prints and instantly open the same image on their mobile phones. To add a QR Code to your prints, click on Branding, then add a QR Code anywhere on your template.

QR codes require an internet connection. If dslrBooth cannot upload your final image online within 10s, your print will not have a QR code so printing isn't delayed any longer.


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    it is only possible do use qr-codes with your server????

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    Please add a function to show the QR Code instant in the corner again! 


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