Synchronize Event Settings Across Booths

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NOTE: Synchronization works between Windows computers only. MAC to Windows will not sync.


Access your events from multiple devices with dslrBooth’s sync feature. When creating an event, the event, along with settings and any assets such as templates, backgrounds, and overlays, will upload to the cloud when connected to the internet. Events can be synched across multiple machines while using the same fotoShare account, including accounts with multiple serial numbers.


Create your event on your main computer at home. Once created, the event with all assets, will sync to the cloud allowing you to access the event on all devices running dslrBooth with the same fotoShare Cloud account.  If you’re only using one device, the event syncing can also serve as a cloud backup of events. If you have an issue with a computer at an event, you can quickly use a different computer as dslrBooth will seamlessly synch all your events. The status of the event cloud sync will appear in the top bar of dslrBooth as well as in the saved events screen.

Syncing will only occur when not in full screen and once the settings windows (settings, template editor, green screen, etc) is closed. This feature is available to users with an unexpired license. 



What is Synced

Including event settings, the following will be synched:

  • Templates (templates are shared among events. Making changes to a template will change it for all events using that same template. It is best to create a new template for your new event)
  • Green screen backgrounds and overlays
  • GIF overlays
  • Virtual attendant mp3s/mp4s
  • Start screen images
  • Say cheese images
  • Effects
  • Video Overlays
  • Digital Props
  • Watermarks
  • Max # of prints

Note: It is very important that you do not change files in AppData\Roaming\dslrBooth folders. Doing so will have severe consequences to the way the application works.


This feature is only available to users with an active subscription.


Set clock to the correct date/time

Check the date and time on your computer. They need to be accurate within a few seconds. Make sure the region you choose under date/time matches where you are. Check that am/pm matches the current time.

Trouble with synchronization not working?

Check the following:

  • Make sure you have the same version of dslrBooth on both computers.
  • Tap on the cloud sync icon in the menu bar on both computers and see if there are errors.
  • Make sure you have a solid internet connection.
  • Check your computer's region, date and time.
  • Your license must not have expired. If it is, it must be renewed before synchronization will work.
  • Check that the two computers are using the same dslrBooth/fotoShare Cloud account.
  • If you have an issue with just one of you computers, you can try to do a complete dslrBooth uninstall and reinstall which will restart the synchronization to that one computer. Please only do this on the computer that is lacking the event settings you need.


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    Is there a way to sync the events manually? Sometimes I have to wait a longer time before the cloud comes up to sync.


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