Printing to DNP WPS Pro

In LumaBooth, you can print to various printer types: Air Print capable printers, classic printer using LumaBooth Assistant, and for DNP Dye Sub printers, you can use their print server called the DNP WPS Pro Wireless Print Server.

To print through the DNP WPS Pro print server, you'll need to do the following:

  • Turn off DNP WPS Pro.
  • Turn printer on.
  • Connect printer with usb cable to DNP WPS Pro.
  • Do not connect network cable to DNP WPS Pro yet.
  • Turn on DNP WPS Pro.
  • Click Configuration and scroll to HFP (Hot Folder). Turn on Enable HFP.


  • A photo of your printer should show in the top left of the DNPS WPS Pro screen. If it does not, restart the WPS Pro. If you still have issues, contact DNP's technical support.
  • To connect from LumaBooth running on the iPad to the WPS Pro, you'll need to be on the same network on both devices. To do this you have two options:
    • Option 1: Connect iPad to DNP WPS Pro's wifi. Go to iOS Settings, Wi-Fi, connect to WPSxxxx. You will not have internet access with option.
    • Option 2: Connect the WPS Pro device to your local network using a cat5 cable. Connect the iPad to your local network over wifi. This option is good if you want the iPad/LumaBooth to have internet access for sharing in real-time. The drawback is that you'll need to connect the WPS Pro to your network using an ethernet cable and your network will need to have a connection to the internet. This is only possible if you connect to an existing wired network or you use a wireless hotspot device that has an ethernet port.
  • Go to LumaBooth, Settings, Printing, Choose DNP WPS Pro. It'll search for the WPS Pro device on your network and connect to it if it finds it. You can also touch the Refresh button to force a search for your DNP WPS Pro device or manually enter the DNP WPS Pro's IP address.
  • Once you see a green circle next to DNP WPS Pro, you can start printing.
  • Touch Print Test Image to test your settings.
  • Close settings, future prints will use the DNP WPS Pro device.

Note that the DNP WPS Pro cannot print multiple copies. It can only print 1 copy so you'll need to adjust your LumaBooth's settings accordingly.

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    Enrique García

    El DNP WPS Pro no permite ajusta el brillo y el color, las fotos siempre quedan oscuras con el iPad Pro, seria genial que el LumaBooth pudiera ajustar el Brillo y el color de las fotos que envía al DNP WPS con la DNP 620.

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    Enrique García

    Usando DNP WPS Pro como gestor de impresión solo imprime una foto aunque le envíes 5 fotos, con el LumaBooth Assistand si envías 5 fotos las imprime sin problemas.


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    Yes is to dark ! I’m use LumaBooth with dnp wps

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    Note that the DNP WPS Pro cannot print multiple copies. It can only print 1 copy so you'll need to adjust your LumaBooth's settings accordingly.

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