Uninstall Virtual Webcams

Virtual webcams such as the EOS Webcam can cause issues with dslrBooth. We recommend uninstalling all virtual webcams before using dslrBooth. You can uninstall by going to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and remove the application with a similar name to the webcam.

If the uninstall fails, please follow these steps to disable the virtual webcam:

  1. Close dslrBooth.
  2. Open Device Manager (Start menu > Device Manager).
  3. Select Cameras.
  4. Right-click on EOS Webcam Utility.
  5. Select Disable Device. Windows will show a confirmation dialog box with this message: "Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Do you really want to disable it?". Click Yes.


Device manager will show an icon indicating that the virtual Webcam is disabled.


Now, dslrBooth will be able to run without issues.

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