AI Background Removal

Using the new AI Background removal feature you can remove your photo’s or video’s backgrounds without having to use a green screen. This is perfect to remove busy backgrounds and leave the focus on your guests. As with green screen, you can select the backgrounds to use. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Background Removal and select AI background removal. Then upload your background images.

AI Background removal supports up-to 4 guests. We recommend that you keep guests close to the camera so that their height is at least half of the image height.

Unlike other apps, there is no additional fee to use this feature.

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    Dave O'Neill

    I run events where we offer photos and boomerangs, the boomerangs don't work well with AI but photos are great

    Can we have the option to have AI backgrounds on or off on each option example
    Photos = AI ON
    Boomerangs = AI OFF
    I have submitted a request
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