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Create a one of a kind video using either dslrBooth or LumaBooth, both have the needed features for running 360 booths and other short slow motion and video experiences.

Looking to purchase a 360 platform? Check out our recommended vendors below.

360 Platform Recommended Vendors

To set-up a 360 booth, you will need a 360 Platform where guests will stand and an arm will rotate to capture their video. You will also need a ring light to mount on the 360 arm.

RevoSpin - U.S. Based, offering both manual and automatic spinner platforms.

OrcaVue - U.S. Based, long-time manufacturer offering several motorized platforms ranging from 34-46 inch.

Nirvana - Motorized Platform. 2+ years manufacturing 360 booths. 1 year warranty. 1 week delivery.
What's App: +86 188 2285 9018. Platforms from 27-45 inch.

Software Options for 360 Platforms

You will also need software to capture the video, speed it up and slow it down, add music, overlays, intro/outro, and effects.  You have two options in regards to what software to run to capture and process your 360 video footage.

  • dslrBooth - Highest quality due to using GoPro, Canon and Nikon cameras that have much better sensors and optics. 
  • LumaBooth - Very portable setup owing to only having to setup an iPhone or iPad on the 360 arm.

Canon/Nikon/GoPro Setup with dslrBooth for Windows

Computer - Microsoft Surface Pro 8 or faster tablet

Software - dslrBooth v6.40 or later. 

Camera - A Canon or Nikon camera that can shoot at 120 fps or 60 fps or a GoPro.

Canon/Nikon camera should be connected to the tablet PC using a USB cable. With using a Surface Pro and battery operated camera there will be no issue with wires getting caught in the spinner.

Mounting the computer - Add a protection case to your tablet such as the Kensington Adapter. Mount the Surface Pro to the 360 arm. You can mount the tablet to the arm using a tablet Most tablet cases do not mount directly to 1/4"-20 thread so you will need to drilled and add a Hole Nut to the center of Surface Pro mount. That will connect to your 360 arm. For the GoPro, the computer does need to be mounted on the arm as the GoPro connect wirelessly.

Both camera and surface pro will need to run on battery power.

LED Ring Light - We recommend the Ledgo Ring Light. You attach this to your 360 arm and mount your camera inside of it. To mount it you will need a ball head mount.


iPad/iPhone Setup with LumaBooth

iPad or iPhone - Hardware and OS Requirements.

Mount your iPhone or iPad to the arm. Center your camera so that your subject is exactly in the center of the frame.

Your 360 manufacturer usually includes both an iPad and an iPhone mounting adapter.

SoftwareLatest version of LumaBooth from the Apple App Store. See LumaBooth 360 Features.

Camera - LumaBooth will use the cameras built into the iPad or iPhone.

LED Ring Light - We recommend the Ledgo Ring Light. You attach this to your 360 arm and mount your iPhone/iPad to it. To mount it you will need a ball head mount.


Sharing and Slideshows

We recommend setting up a Sharing station so guests can share their videos at another station and not bog down your flow. Our LumaShare app automatically connects to dslrBooth or LumaBooth over the network to allow your guests to view and share their videos over email, sms, qr code, airdrop, and twitter. 

We also recommend setting up a slideshow so your so your guests can see the processed videos on a large screen. LumaShare also has a built-in slideshow feature as well.

Download LumaShare for iPad

Lighting + Other Tips

Lighting is key for good footage. Slow motion recording requires much more additional lighting than regular video or photo recording. We recommend high output LED lights from Neewer, GVM, or Yongnuo. Place your lighting around the base, far enough away that the arm of the 360 base will not hit them. Depending on how strong your lights are, you will need 3-4 lights for evenly lighting your 360 and your subjects. You can go with traditional rectangular lights or LED light sticks.


Recommended lights:

We prefer to mount our lights to microphone stands as they look nicer and take up less room. Unfortunately lights do not mount directly to microphone stands so you will need a couple of adapters. To mount the lights on microphone stand, you will need:

You will need at least a 10x10 space for safety. Make sure there are no other guests close to the spinning arm who are not on the platform.

You will also need an attendant present the entire time for safety and crowd control

Sample Videos

Check out our 360 setup at PBX 2022!







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    joe meza

    Hello, If I am using two Ipads one for the spinner and one for the share station both are connected to a verizon hot spot. Would the option for texting the 360 video still work? 

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    Tracy Williams

    Hello, can an overhead spinner be used as well?

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