Boomerang and 360 Photo Booth Spinner Features for iPad and iPhone

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LumaBooth offers several features perfect for 360 booths and other short slow motion and video experiences. Features include:

  • Slow down/Speed up and reverse multiple clips in same recorded boomerang.
  • Capturing at a high frame-rate.
  • Adding an overlay, pre-roll and post-roll video, and a backing soundtrack.
  • Start boomerang session recording by moving the iPad, useful for manual 360 spinners.
  • High FPS Capture.
  • Camera Stabilization for boomerang and video sessions.
  • Use iPad pro's ultra-wide cameras and set zoom.

Reverse and Slow down/Speed up Clips

Under capture settings > Boomerang, after setting up the overall length of the video you would like to capture (increased to 15s), you can choose to playback the recorded video either forwards only or forwards then in reverse. Additionally, you can break down the recording into multiple clips with each having a different speed. Choose to speed up certain sections while slowing down others, a great feature for 360 booths. You can click on the Preview button to see an example of how the different speeds will affect your boomerang.

High FPS Capture

If your timeline has any clips that are slowed down, LumaBooth will automatically set your camera to capture the video in a high frame rate (30-120 fps) depending on your camera's capabilities and the clip speed. The majority of recent iPads now support 120-240 fps which provide for some great footage that can be slowed down up-to 1/4x. You can see the max frame rate your camera supports under Settings, Camera Settings. The rear camera is recommended as it always supports higher or equal frame rates to the front camera.

To support high frame-rate capture, the ISO and shutter speed settings have been replaced by an exposure slider that applies to photos as well as boomerangs, and video capture.

Camera Stabilization

If you mount your iPad to moving platform as 360 booth, you will greatly benefit from our camera stabilization feature (Settings, Camera Settings). This feature gets rid of any shaking that occurs resulting in very smooth boomerangs and videos. Stabilization introduces a slight delay in recording so only use if if it's needed. Stabilization might not be supported at 120+ fps on some iPad models.

Use Ultra Wide Camera

LumaBooth will automatically use the camera with the widest available lens. This is useful for all booth modes and especially 360 spinners so you can fit more of your guests in the frame.

2020 iPad Pro introduced an ultra-wide lens in the rear camera. 2021 iPad pro models also have the rear camera ultra-wide lens while also adding another ultra-wide lens to the front camera. In our testing, you can see approximately 4x as much with the ultra-wide lens.

Using the ultra-wide cameras on the latest iPad pros results in a very wide angle that you might not prefer in all situations so we've added a zoom feature under Camera Settings where you can zoom in as needed.

Add Pre-roll/Post-roll, Overlay and Soundtrack to your Boomerangs

You can add a graphic overlay, a video pre-roll/post-roll and a custom audio soundtrack to your guest's boomerang to be played over the final boomerang.

The Pre and Post roll videos (Before/After Recording) will automatically be added to your guest's video. Create a Pre and/or Post Roll video (this will need to be made using another software) or download one from online. Download the videos into your iPad gallery. In LumaBooth go to Settings -> Video. Click on Pre Roll and choose the video from the iPad gallery. Do the same for After Recording.

For graphic overlay and pre-roll/post-roll, copy the file to your Photos library on the iPad then click to add button to add it. The overlay will be added to only the recorded video that you take with the iPad, not the Pre and Post roll videos. 

For soundtrack, download mp3 files to your iPad from Google Drive, Dropbox or Email. Then click on the option to add mp3 and choose from any mp3 files that are downloaded to your iPad.


Motion Activated Boomerang

For automatic or manual non-motorized 360 spinners, you can have the boomerang start recording by simply moving the iPad. To enable this feature, check the Start capture when iPad is moved box. This feature is perfect for 360 booths, allowing the session to start once the device starts spinning.

Set your iPad to start the session when it begins to move. Settings > Capture Settings > Boomerang, check the Start Capture When iPad Is Moved box. You can adjust the sensitivity to only trigger once your spinner moves.



LumaBooth works on all iPads that can run iOS 13 and greater and will support iPhones very soon. We recommend the 2021 models which have an ultra-wide angle lens and video stabilization. LumaBooth can be set to start recording once the iPad/iPhone is moved so it can run completely automated. You can also run a separate sharing station using our companion LumaShare app.

You'll also need a 360 platform that can be motorized or non-motorized.

Recommended 360 Platforms

Check here for our recommended vendors.



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