Recommendations for Main Cameras

LumaLive allows you to use upto 3 main cameras that are prioritized in quality for your guests to view your event. These cameras can be any combination of the following:


These options allow you to have an HD recording:

  • iPad/iPhone running our LumaLive camera app. Latest pro models are highly recommended for better video quality. LumaLive camera app will allow you to have an HD recording.
  • Other professional cameras or mixers that output to HDMI or SDI need to connect to an HDMI capture card such as Elgato Cam Link, Aja U-TAP HDMI or AJA U-TAP-SDI. You can record directly on the camera using this solution.
  • Software like  vMix (PC) or MimoLive (Mac) can generate output as a virtual camera. This will allow you to play videos and connect multiple other cameras such connect over HDMI, SDI, or NDI sources that do not show on the computer directly as webcams. This can also be used to play presentations or slideshows from a main camera.

These options will not allow you go have the highest quality recording:

  • Webcam such as Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.
  • Canon Cameras - Canon EOS Webcam Utility will allow you to connect your Canon camera using USB and use it as a webcam.




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