App Licenses

You can view and manage your app licenses for dslrBooth, LumaBooth, hashPrinter and fotoShare cloud at

After logging in, go to App Licenses at the top menu. If you do not have an account, please create one.

dslrBooth for Windows/Mac:

  • Renew your license
  • View Activations and deactivate computers not in use
  • Add another license serial number

LumaBooth for iPad

  • View activated iPads and deactivate iPads not in use
  • Review and manage subscriptions
  • Cancel direct billing subscriptions
  • View invoices


  • View invoices
  • Cancel subscription

fotoShare Cloud

  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan
  • Cancel subscription
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    Gustavo Almeida

    I recently purchased the professional version, make the purchase via Credit Card and so far I have not received my serial number.
    This has a few days I've been looking through the site how to get my serial number. I have been using the link requesting the re-sending of the serial, but it always shows this message after sending it with my email:
    "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."
    What's happening?
    I have been monitoring my emails and I receive nothing.
    What is the correct procedure and who can resolve this failure?
    Support team, please resolve this issue and submit my license.

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    Nadz Joaquin

    Hi, Gustavo, Have you receive your license? I am still waiting for mine almost 24 hrs now, im not getting a response from their support either.

    @DSLRBooth pls help here, I need to use the software for a event which is soon, as per your website the license will be sent few minutes after the purchase, its almost 24hrs now

    your help with this issue is highly appreciated.


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