Shares sent from dslrBooth, LumaBooth and LumaShare will appear in fotoShare cloud. 

To view shares by event, click on your event name. While in the event, click on Shares in the upper right. Here you can download a CSV file of the shares.

To view shares from all events, go to the main home page. Click on SHARES at the top. Here, change the dropdown to ALL. Choose either CSV or PDF in the upper right corner to download. 

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    Hello, if someone does not get to clicking the share button in time on the IPAD after taking a photo. How can one go back to the gallery to look for their photos taken and be able to SMS or email it to themselves.

    2. Can I generate a single QR code that can be used by all guest using the ipad booth. The QR code will take them to the gallery and they can select all thier photos and GIFS

    3.. Is there option on gallery to SMS or email photos to specific phone numbers and email


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    Hello, if the video doesn't pass to the app, I can generate it later?

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