Sharing Options

You can allow guests to share via email, SMS, twitter, airdrop and QR code.

On the start screen, click the top menu drop down button. Choose Email/SMS.



Turn on email sharing.

Add a Reply To email, Subject and Email body.

In the email body add your custom text as well as the Image, Attached Image Url, Fotoshare Url and Sharing Icons tags. 

Click Send test email to send yourself a copy of the email. The received email will contain the print, GIF, boomerang, or video as an attachment.



Turn on SMS sharing.

Add your customized message and your country code. 

Your guest will receive a link on their phone where they can view the shared print, GIF, boomerang, or video.



Turn on twitter sharing.

Customize your twitter message that will be tweeted with each share.



Turn on AirDrop sharing. AirDrop can share an item wirelessly to an Apple device.


QR Code

Turn on QR Code sharing. A QR code is generated for the final print, GIF, boomerang or video. The QR Code can be scanned using Android or Apple mobile phone's native camera app. When scanned, it'll open the shared item for the guest to view it on their phone. QR Code sharing requires an internet connection.


Sharing screen

Adjust the sharing screen timeout by using the slider. If user does not touch the screen within this time, the current session is completed and the app goes to the start screen.


Sharing Status and Export Shares

Email and SMS shares will queue and send out when there is an internet connection. To view the status of pending and sent shares, you can go to Settings, Sharing Status. From there you can you can also export a list of all the shares including guests' email addresses and phone numbers. For your convenience, you can also view the list of email and sms shares through fotoShare Cloud > Shares. If you want to collect additional data such as names or ask different questions, you can look into LumaBooth's Survey function.

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