Creating a Print Layout

Create a customized print layout for your prints using the Print Layout feature. On the start screen, click the downwards arrow at the top right. Click on Print Layout.

Select a preset layout by choosing Preset. Select from one of the twelve available layouts. Or choose Recent to select a previously made print layout.

Choose Photo from booth to add 1 to 4 photos per print layout.

Choose Image from roll to add jpg and png files from your iPad gallery to the print layout.

Choose Text to add text to your print layout.

Choose Survey answer to add survey answers from guests to the print layout.

Resize any item by selecting it and using two fingers to make larger or smaller. For photos from booth and images you can also resize by changing the height and width in the Selected item box.

Rotate items using two fingers or use the Rotate option in the Selected item box.

Change the orientation of Photos from booth by choosing the orientation layout in the Selected item box.

To delete an item, select the item then choose the trash can in the Selected item box.

To duplicate an item, select the item then choose the Duplicate button in the Selected item box.

Layer items by selecting the item then choosing Bring forward or Send backward.

To import templates you have designed in other applications, export the template as a transparent PNG file and open Print Layout, then add Image. PNG and JPG files must be located in your iPad gallery. 

To import templates you have designed in LumaBooth or dslrBooth or purchased from our store, you'll need to send the template to your iPad either over e-mail or a file sharing service. Then open the template zip file in Safari, Google Drive, or Dropbox Apps, AirDrop from MacOS and then click Open With LumaBooth. The template will then load into LumaBooth.

To export click on the Export button in print layout. Choose where you would like to export the template to (Google Drive, Email, iCloud Drive or Airdrop to a MAC computer.). 



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