How to Subscribe & Number of iPads

LumaBooth is the best value for iPad photo booth apps given its proven track record, great features, and stability. Each subscription includes unlimited SMS, email, data collection, and hosting of your prints, GIFs, boomerangs, and videos on our fotoShare Cloud sharing site.

You can purchase a subscription for LumaBooth in two ways:

  1.  Directly through fotoShare Cloud (cheaper) or
  2. Through the Apple App Store

Direct Subscription: You can subscribe through fotoShare Cloud (App Licenses > LumaBooth > Billed Directly > Subscribe). You can update your subscription and choose the number of iPads you will be using LumaBooth on. Your base subscription allows you to use LumaBooth on upto 2 iPads. There's an additional fee for each additional iPad.

App Store Subscription: To purchase a subscription through the App Store, you can do so under Settings, Account, Register/Login, then click on Buy Subscription. If you purchase through the App Store, your subscription is tied to your Apple App Store account that is currently logged in on the iPad. With an App Store subscription, the subscription can be used on upto 2 iPads. If you wish to add additional iPads, you will need a to get a Direct Subscription instead.

To see the latest information regarding how many subscriptions you have and your subscription status, please visite fotoShare Cloud. You can also deactivate any iPad at anytime so you can use a different iPad instead through fotoShare Cloud > LumaBooth > Activated iPads.

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