Video Features: Pre-Roll, Post-Roll Videos, Overlay and Soundtracks

You have the option to customize the final video and boomerang by adding a pre-roll, post-roll, and overlay which are automatically added to the guests’ video.

For Pre & Post Roll videos:

Create a Pre and/or Post Roll video (this will need to be made using another software) or download one from online. Download the videos into your iPad gallery.

In LumaBooth go to Settings -> Video. Click on Pre Roll and choose the video from the iPad gallery. Do the same for Post Roll.

Pre and Post Roll videos and overlays should be 1280x720 pixels.

For Overlay, choose a PNG image from your iPad gallery. 


The Pre and Post roll videos will automatically be added to your video. The overlay will be added to only the video that you take with the iPad, not the Pre and Post roll videos. 


For Soundtracks:

Upload your mp3 or m4a file to google drive, dropbox or email.

Open Google Drive, dropbox or your email on your iPad and save the mp3 or m4a file to your iPad.

While choosing a soundtrack you will be able to choose any files downloaded to your iPad.


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