Troubleshooting Printer Issues

dslrBooth will print to any of the printers configured in windows.

If you're having issues printing, try the following:

  • Try to print from outside of dslrBooth and once that works, go to dslrBooth's printer settings and make sure to select the printer you just selected.
  • If you connect your printer's usb cable in a different usb port on the computer, Windows will try to reinstall the printer again so we recommend you use the same USB port every time you print.
  • Test with a different USB cable.
  • If you use a USB hub, make sure to use a powered USB hub. There also might have been an issue with the USB cable. 
  • If you've just updated windows, you'll need to uninstall the printer in windows and reinstall it.
  • Always make sure you have the latest printer drivers installed from the printer manufacturer's website.
  • If you still can't get the printer to work with any applications other than dslrBooth, please contact the printer manufacturer for further support.
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