Get List of e-mails and sms numbers that shared photos

To get a list of e-mails and sms numbers that shared photos on the iPad, you'll need to setup an account at: You'll need your dslrBooth serial # to register. You'll also be able to see all shares from dslrBooth as well at After registering/logging in, go to Shares, then change filter to your event's name.

If you're not seeing your shares from the iPad on fotoShare, then most likely you did not enter your serial # correctly in fotoShare. Go to iOS Settings, fotoShare, then enter in your dslrBooth serial # and the first 6 characters of your serial #. This will affect all future shares. If you have previous shares that are missing, contact our support team, let us know your old e-mail / serial # you had in fotoShare and the correct dslrbooth e-mail / serial # for you.

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