Creating a Print Layout - Version 7

Create a customized print layout for your prints using the Print Layout feature in dslrBooth software v7.


Where to start

On the start screen, click on Launch event.
Click the blue drop-down button at the top right of the screen.
Here, you will see the different settings for customizing your event.

Click on Print Layout. 


Adding a background image

On the left-hand side, in Print Layout, click on “Image”.

Import a JPG or PNG file here to add as a Background Image for your Photo Print.

Select the uploaded Background Image to edit it. On the right-hand side, under Selected, you will be able to:

1. Change the size of the image by typing in the Width and Height. You can also drag the corner of the object to resize.
2. Change Rotation by typing in the degrees or using scroll wheel on your mouse.

3. Change Stroke color and width.

4. Change the drop shadow color and opacity.

Adding text

On the left-hand side, in Print Layout, click on “Text”.

Type in your text then:

1. Edit the text size and color by using the size and color options on the right hand side.

2. Change font and font weight.

3. Change the drop shadow color and opacity.

Creating Vertical/Portrait Images:

Click on Photo From Booth on the left hand side or select the booth photo (box with number in it) on the layout.

Once selected, at the top right of the page, uncheck Keep Aspect Ratio.

Change the height and width so that the height is larger than the width (800px height, 600px width for example)

This will create a vertical image. 

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