Using with Bill/Coin and Card Acceptors

Bill/Coin and Card acceptors can be used with dslrBooth with a 3rd party software that can be programmed to send keystrokes to dslrBooth. For example, the F13 key will start a session and you can disable triggering from the touch screen under Settings, Display, Start Screen.


We recommend the bill/coin and card acceptance system from Casino Software that is pre-configured to work with dslrBooth and works with virtually all cards, currencies, coins, and bank notes. You can configure each session with a specific cost then any additional money added can be used towards additional sessions that will run when the current session is completed. You can also optionally connect the system to a hopper to return the correct amount of change. You can also set it to play sounds and turn on lights when the correct amount of money is added. For more information, contact Casino Software.


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