Trigger By Remote

If you'd like to start a session remotely, we recommend you use a PC presenter remote such as this one. Pressing the remote button once will start a session which will take as many photos as you have in your template. This is preferrable to using a camera remote as this way, live view will start if you have the Professional Edition. With a camera remote, it's not possible to use Live view.

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    Frumușelu cristian

    Cum pot începe o sesiune prin declanșarea de la distanță cu un prezentator wireless ca cel pe care l-ați arătat? Pot să fac fotografii manual fiecare fotografie la un moment dat, dar nu știu cum să încep o sesiune de la primul ecran pentru a imprima, doar de la un prezentator wireless de la distanță.

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    You can set what triggers the start of a session in dslrBooth's settings. Most remote presenters have the NEXT slide button mapped to Page Down which is one of the triggers in dslrBooth's settings.

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    man... Christine gave me a completely different answer when I asked this question.

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