Where and what is my Serial #? I forgot my serial #.

dslrBooth 7

If you have purchased a subscription for version 7, a serial number is no longer generated.

  1. Make sure to download and install the latest dslrBooth 7.
  2. When opening log in with the email address your subscription was purchased with. 


dslrBooth Lite for Mac

When you purchase dslrBooth, we email you a registration email including a serial # to unlock the software. If you have purchased our software from our online store, you should receive this e-mail within a few minutes. If you purchased using paypal, the email will be sent to your paypal address.

If you have not received it or lost the email, you can enter the email that you used to purchase dslrBooth at the following page and we'll immediately email you your serial # to that same e-mail address. You should receive your license information within a couple of minutes. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder.

If you have dslrBooth installed and need to find out what your serial # is, click on Register in the application menu and it'll show you your registration email and serial #.

If you still have trouble, please contact us at

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