Where and what is my Serial #?

When you purchase dslrBooth, we e-mail you a registration e-mail including a serial # to unlock the software. If you have purchased our software from our online store, you should receive this e-mail within a few minutes. If you purchased using paypal, the email will be sent to your paypal address.

If you have not received it or lost the e-mail, you can enter the e-mail that you used to purchase dslrBooth at the following page and we'll immediately e-mail you your serial # to that same e-mail address. You should receive your license information within a couple of minutes. If you have not received the e-mail, check your spam folder.

If you have dslrBooth installed and need to find out what your serial # is, click on Register in the application menu and it'll show you your registration e-mail and serial #.

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