Camera not connecting or disconnects

If your camera is supported and setup correctly but dslrBooth can't connect to it or loses the connection after a while, there are a variety of reasons this can happen but here are the likely causes:

  • USB cable is damaged or low quality. Connect the camera using a high quality usb cable and not an HDMI cable.
  • The usb cable is too long.
  • The usb cable is defective.
  • The usb hub you are using is defective or cannot supply enough power.
  • The camera power adapter is defective or not supplying enough power. Use genuine Canon/Nikon power supply instead and retry.
  • The power supply to the camera is interrupted.
  • The camera is set to turn off after a specific duration.
  • Windows turns off power to USB ports after a period of time. See Disable Power management for USB Device and this article.
  • The USB port on the computer or camera is damaged.

Things to try:

  • Try a different, shorter usb cable. Preferably the one that came with the camera.
  • Plug the usb cable directly to the computer and not through a hub.
  • Try a different usb port.
  • Replace the camera power adapter.
  • Close any other photography software such as Adobe Lightroom or Mac Photos.
  • Put your camera on Manual Mode.
  • Go to Settings, Camera Settings, change all the settings for both Photo and Video.


  • Use a fully charged battery and not a power supply. Some power supplies are known to cause issues.
  • Close EOS Utility
  • Turn off Wifi mode if available.
  • Set the Mode Dial to Manual (M).
  • Set Live View Shoot. to Enabled.
  • Set Live View shooting AF mode to Quick mode.
  • Set live view shooting settings, metering timer to 30 minutes.
  • If using Rebel XT/350D, 20D or EOS 5D, Set the camera to 'PC Connection' mode.


  • Close Nikon Camera Control as well as other apps that might be connecting to the camera.
  • If using an older Nikon camera such as the Nikon D40 or earlier, make sure camera setting for USB Mode is PTP.

Windows 10 N Edition

Checkout the following support article if you're using Windows 10 N edition. 



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    @marcos, logitech and all other webcams will work fine.

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