Keyboard Shortcuts

Space, Right/Left arrow, F5, PageUp (Fn + Up), PageDown (Fn + Down) - Starts Session in Auto mode or triggers camera in Manual mode if camera supports triggering from computer. 

*Note this will only work if you have one Booth Mode selected. 

F11, CTRL-F toggles full screen modeTriple clicking on shot # (x/y) in bottom left also enters and exits full screen. (windows)

Cmd-F - Toggles full screen mode. (mac)

Backspace (delete), Escape - Cancels the current session

V - Starts video recording.

P - Reprints last print at anytime.

CTRL + 1 to 9 - Prints specific number of copies.

CTRL + g (win) / CMD + g (mac) - Opens Green Screen Preferences Window

Left/Right Arrow/Enter (Windows Only) - Chooses an effect.

Left/Right Arrow / Enter | Space (Windows Only) - Choose Template on Start Screen


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