Turning Printing On/Off - Manual Printing

You can set automatic printing to on/off in the preferences/settings. With automatic printing on, dslrBooth will print automatically at the end of each session.

In additional to automatic printing, if there’s an image that you want to print, click on the print icon. You can also use a keyboard shortcut. On windows, click CTRL-P or the print icon. On Mac, press Cmd-P. Every time you press CTRL-P, it'll print one copy.

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    Hey Sam Im faced with the same problem. Any work around for this? Best thing I did was to extend the screen so the popup is always there on the main screen while the program runs on the external monitor. Any fixes for this?


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    Sam Angello

     How do I Stop This Window from popping up And get the printer Just to automatically print the photo Once They're done I don't want The clients to have to press more than one button

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    Harald Lenge

    Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Hast Du eine Lösung gefunden?

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