Trigger by button or foot switch

We’ve had several people ask about how to setup their photo booths so guests can start the sequence of taking pictures with a button. The best option we’ve found is to use the Griffin Powermate. It’s a usb button that works with PCs and Macs. You can also use the newer or Powermate Bluetooth (Mac Only). In our testing, it looks great, is easy to setup and works great with dslrBooth. Once you get your powermate, download the drivers from griffin’s website. Then setup the button push action to send the SPACE keyboard key. You can also configure twisting left and right to send the arrow left and right.

Interested in a foot switch instead? We recommend the StealthSwitch USB Foot Switch. Again, just configure the switch’s software to send the SPACE keyboard key.

Make sure you have setup dslrBooth to trigger camera automatically or else pressing the button will only start the countdown and nothing else.

For a remote to start the countdown, you will need a remote that is attached to the computer by USB. Wireless remotes that trigger the camera will take the photo instantly.


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    Christian Milbrandt

    Can you implement a function to use a remote trigger for the camera. I use an external camera trigger which works sometimes and sometimes it crashes. I had a service request belonging this some time ago:

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    Mark Budesa

    I built a Bluetooth button to trigger my photobooth. It uses an adafruit bluefruit ez-key controller set to send the "space" key. I made a few extra buttons in case anyone else wants one:

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    Admin please delete if it's not allowed here
    We have an USB push button with controller
    We can program it to any keystroke (space, or any other) works great with DSLRBooth

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    Hi  The Griffin Powermate will not work with High Sierra,  do you have any alternative suggestion.   I have to operate my booth manually on Sat night after the upgrade,  many thanks

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    Thorsten Sträßler

     have used a usb arcade encoder in conjunction with JoToKey. With this all keyboard keys can be simulated as inputs. Scripts can also be started. In addition, I use a radio remote control with relays.

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    Is there a way to assign an USB button (foot switch) to not just the spacebar (to start capture), but also to retake or accept the photo?

    I am looking at a USB device with three pedals, where the middle one starts the  countdown and takes a photo (so basicly "spacebar" or touchscreen touch), but when the preview is shown, I see no info on how to assign a button or key to accepting the photo or asking for a restart of the photo taking process. 

    Anyone any ideas on that? Or is it just impossible to do and is the only thing that can be accessed by a USB switch... the spacebar key to start the countdown? And disable the option to accept or retake a photo and just automatically print it? Or is there an in-between, for example, pressing spacebar again at the preview screen, accepts the photo and starts printing? And not pressing anything just (if enabled) lets the countdown run before the preview screen returns to the start screen.

    In times of social distancing, a touchscreen is obviously a no-go and I want to divert everything to pedals on the floor.

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