Video Guest Book with dslrBooth

You can use dslrBooth to provide a video guestbook at your wedding or special event.


You will need an external microphone to get good quality audio.

  • If you're using a webcam then you can use any microphone connected to your computer.
  • If you're using a Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera, the camera microphone will be used or you can connect a microphone to your camera.

Video/Text Prompts

You can use the virtual attendant function to play back videos before a video is recorded. You can set those videos to have text or even a person asking a question. Canva is an easy way to create great looking video text or graphical prompts.

dslrBooth Configuration

Go to Settings, Capture Settings, Capture Mode, Turn on Video mode. Turn off photo, GIF, Boomerang modes.

Under Settings, Capture Settings, Video, adjust your countdown and duration of the video. Optionally add before and after videos to get added to the recorded video.

Optionally, under Virtual Attendant, turn on the built-in video animations or upload your own.

Exit settings and you're all set-up.

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