Green Screen (Chroma Keying) - Professional Edition

Green screen allows you to replace a green screen background with any image.

In order to make the Green screen replacement work, you will need a solid Green or Blue backdrop to add behind your guests. You can find green screens on our website under recommend supplies.

dslrBooth has a very powerful green screen function that is able to remove all the green background from the photo and replace it with your new background image. This feature is only available in our Professional Edition.

Getting Started:

Open Green Screen in dslrBooth and click the ON button to enable the feature.


Click on the Add Background Image button on the right hand side to upload your backgound(s). Here you can also add overlays.

Once your background(s) have been loaded, customize your settings for flash and live view. Choose Yes or No for Using Flash. Then Choose to Adjust for Flash or Live Preview during countdown.

When using Flash and adjusting for flash, click on Take Test Photo. Click on the Color to Remove block and click on the background. Then choose Manual to manually change the sensitivity and smoothness sliders.


When not using flash, your live view image will appear in the Green Screen Settings. Click on the Color to Remove block and click on the background. Choose Manual to manually change the sensitivity and smoothness sliders.

At the bottom of the Green Screen settings you can choose for your backgrounds to be rotated automatically or you can choose them manually. Rotating automatically will have each background be used in the template. Let me select manually allows the guest to choose which background they want.

Choose your Output Size.


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    gavin warland

    Is it possible to have more than one green screen image on the booth so that users can choose their background before/after photo is taken or are you limited to just one?


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    Using the green screen, my background photos does not align with my puctures.. i can adjust the pictures but i cant adjust the size of the background there a definite size of the background photos so that when i use them as green screen background they will fit perfectly on my pictures or on live view.. thank you

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    What happened to the "Output Size" option?  It's not there anymore!

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    Nino Ocampo

    I cannot use multiple background selection as before?

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