Virtual Touch Keyboard with dslrBooth

While using dslrBooth with a touch screen display with Windows 10 or 11 you have the ability to use a virtual keyboard. Here is how to allow the keyboard to appear when keyboard input is needed. The following guide is for the latest version of dslrBooth 7.

If you're using Windows 11 22H2

  1. Select Start > Settings > Time & language > Typing.
  2. Select Touch keyboard to expand that section.
  3. Next to Show the touch keyboard, select when you want the touch keyboard to show (Always, Never, or When no keyboard attached).

If you're using Windows 10 22H2

  1. In dslrBooth go to Settings > General then scroll to Options, Set Force Windows Virtual Keyboard to Enabled
  2. To test, open dslrBooth, run through a session, and when you get to the sharing screen tap the screen with your finger on the Email icon. The Virtual Keyboard should appear.

Prevent Guests from accessing the computer settings

The Windows touch keyboard has a settings button that can open the Windows Control Panel.

Windows Professional

If you’re using Windows Pro, the easiest way to settings interface is by using the Local Group Policy Editor.

In the Group Policy window for those users, on the left-hand side, drill down to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel. On the right, find the “Prohibit access to Control Panel and PC settings” item and double-click it to open its properties dialog.

In the setting’s properties window, click the “Enabled” option and then click “OK.”

You can now exit the Local Group Policy Editor. Changes should take place immediately, so there’s no need to restart Windows first. The Settings interface should no longer be accessible to the user.



Windows Home - Using Registry Editor

If your version of Windows does not have Group Policy, you can use the Registry Editor to disable access to Control Panel and Settings. To do so, Run regedit and navigate to the following registry key:


In the left pane, create a new DWORD (32-bit). Name it NoControlPanel and give it value 1. The following are the possible values and how they work:

  • 0 will enable Control Panel and Settings
  • 1 will disable Control Panel and Settings
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  • 0
    Thorsten Sträßler

    Hello, I have the problem that the on-screen keyboard shows me the button to the settings. can I stop this?

    Thus, unfortunately, the user has the opportunity to open the control panel

    Thx Thorsten

  • 0
    F Grabichler


    I have the same problem! Is there a solution to this problem?

    Thx Florian

  • 0
    Tybo Vandenbulcke

    Is this also possible with mac? The keyboard wont come on the screen

  • 0

    See new section on how-to disable settings and control panel above: Prevent Guests from accessing the computer settings 


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