Applying Custom Photoshop/3rd Party Effects

If you're looking to get a custom look, you can use the power of Photoshop to create a custom action that dslrBooth will apply to your captured photos. You can apply any Photoshop actions using a droplet to post-process your captured photo before it's used in a layout or an animated GIF. You can also use any 3rd party image processing software as well as long as it can save to the same filename when it has completed processing.

If you're looking for simple changes such as changing colors or brightness, or contrast, custom filters with LUTs are a better choice as they're much faster to apply and do not 3rd party apps to process each photo.

Using Photoshop Droplet to apply Photoshop action

Open Photoshop to Create Action

  1. Window > Actions
  2. Record new action and give unique name.
  3. Merge layers if needed and flatten image.
  4. Make sure to record a SAVE step.
  5. Stop Recording

Create Droplet

Make sure to be clicked on the name of the action before exporting.
File, Automate > Create Droplet

  1. Set: Default Actions
  2. Action: Action you created
  3. Destination: Save and Close
  4. Errors: Log Errors to File > Save As
  5. Drag and drop a test JPG image to the droplet you just created and make sure your action is getting applied to the test image. If it doesn't work, you'll need to recreate the droplet and troubleshoot in Photoshop until you can get the droplet to modify your test image. If the droplet is still not working with test images outside of dslrBooth, please contact Adobe support for additional help. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why droplets might not work correctly in Photoshop and we're not able to troubleshoot 3rd party software.

Note: the effect must be applied to the original file when creating an action.

Modify dslrBooth Settings

  1. Settings >General > Effects > Post Processing. 
  2. Click Browse and choose the droplet you saved. 
  3. Click Save.
  4. Run a session. The photos in the session will have the action applied to them automatically.



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  • 0
    C Willeijns

    Hi Can you be more specific about the action recording..? Without this essential step, the editing won't work.. Can you explain the Save step more? I get an error message: droplet Couldn't communicate with photoshop..

  • 0
    Erik Quick-Warner

    Same- Trying to implement this and get the same error. Please show the action (or at least comment the action here so we can get it set up).



  • 0
    Erik Quick-Warner

    EDIT: Okay got it working. I was missing the Merge Layers so it was trying to save as a PSD. As long as you merge layers and record a save action it will work as it just overwrites the jpeg that it opened. The other problem I ran into was not having Photoshop open for the first photo. It would try to launch Photoshop but wouldn't get it open in time. Then it worked for all photos after that.

    It would also be great to see an imagemagik example (even if it's super simple) just so we know how to call the script.

    Edited by Erik Quick-Warner
  • 0

    I tried to apply as in the video and it does not work, it is appearing some screens of photoshop and another saying that it was not possible to communicate with photoshop, I would like to use the actions and would like an urgent help.

    Edited by zoommy
  • 0

    Can anyone tell me what the impact on speed is? Are filters applied faster? Does the result appear faster on screen? It take about 3-5 seconds to display the image with filter applied. That's lot of waiting.

    I wonder whether using external software makes it go faster.

    People get impatient and start to press that "busy" icon or that round "arrow" icon to turn back. Which makes the software lock up sometimes.


  • 0
    Bruna Gobbi

    How can I make de ZOOM IN effect in a .gif??

  • 0
    Erik Quick-Warner

    Hey team. I really need to figure out how to get imagemagick to process an image from the booth. Is there any way I could get someone to help me? A simple command for imagemagick would be:

    mogrify -sepia-tone 50%

    This would make the original image that get's passed to the command line become sepia tone. But I can't figure out how to pass that image to ImageMagick.

    If I can just figure out how to get the image passed to Imagemagick I'll be able to do the rest.


  • 0
    Chantel Winkler

    Is there a way to only apply the effects (I plan on using it for watermarking) to only apply to the originals/singles and not to the picture in the template?

  • 0

    still no answers for the Imagemagick questions. Would really like to know how it works.. please someone help!

    Thanks in advance

  • 0

    Message d'erreur "impossible de communiquer avec phtoshop", existe il des tutoriels plus precis ?

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