[pc] Setting Printer ICC Color Profile to Improve Print Colors

If the color of your prints does not match the color of your photos, you'll need to setup a color profile for your printer and your monitor. The following is a how-to on setting the color profile for your photo booth printer.

Instructions for DNP Printers

Instructions for all Printers

Step 1 - Download the latest ICC Color Profile for your printer.
 * DNP Printers > ICC Profiles > Current ICC Profiles for RX and DS Series Printers
 * Mistsubishi Printers

Step 2 - Unzip, Install the Color Profile (Right click *.icm file > Install)

Step 3 - Open Printers and Scanners in Windows. Choose your printer and choose Printer Properties.

Step 4 - Click the Color Management tab then Color Management. From the device drop down, select the printer name.

Step 5 - Choose the ICC Profile and click Set as Default Profile.

Step 6 - Open dslrBooth and go to Settings -> Printing. Choose Configure Printer, select your printer then click Preferences.

Step 7 - Click Advanced and choose the Option Tab. Set to ICM or ICM & Driver. Click OK then PRINT (not apply) to apply the settings.




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